Online Casino Bonuses for Newbies to claim.

By 22 January 2021

Online casino bonuses are part of the many strategies the casino put in place by casino vendors to attract new players and retain the existing ones. The more fantastic bonus offer the casino houses, the more customer base the casino will have because every player seeks a casino that rewards its loyalty as often as they can. To know more about casino bonuses, you can check 1casino-bonuses

There are two categories of players that can claim the casino bonus which is existing and new players. These two categories can claim different bonuses like the welcome bonus which is designed for the new players. The players need to have a bonus code before they can claim those bonuses. Additionally, the match bonus and loyalty bonus is channelled towards the existing players in the casino.

Casino No Deposit Bonus

The Casino no deposit bonus is a form of bonus that does not require the player to deposit any amount into their casino account before they can claim the bonus. This bonus is rated as the best casino offer because the high rollers and the low stakers can key into claiming it. A perfect example of the Casino no deposit bonus is the welcome bonus.

Casino Deposit Bonus

Casino Deposit Bonus is the opposite of the Casino no deposit bonus. This bonus is different from the previous bonus because you need to deposit some amount into your casino account before you can claim this bonus. However, there are different casino bonuses they are examples of the casino deposit bonus which are Reload bonus, Loyalty reward and match bonus. The match bonus is used to link with the other bonuses.

Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Reward

The Welcome Bonus is a type of bonus offer which can be claimed by new categories of players in the casino. The bonus is gifted to the new player upon sign-up on the casino. However, a Loyalty reward is gifted to the existing players to reward their loyalty on the website. The loyalty reward is designed in the form of comp points that needs to be aggregated by the players.


Casino Bonus - Terms and Conditions

The casino design for the bonus to meet specified categories of players who need to meet some terms and conditions. So as a new player, you need to check the terms and conditions attached to the bonus before you claim the bonus. An important part of the terms and condition is the wagering requirement attached to these bonuses. This is the minimum bonus wins you can have before you can withdraw.